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10 Intriguing Stats on Early Career Recruiting

The dynamics of locating quality talent are changing. As the hiring market evolves in this new decade, we’re seeing a big change in job seeking, hiring, and employment habits. Awareness of the state of the market will be a requirement to succeed in the future. Here are some stats to give you a better idea of the right way to proceed. 

Applications and the Hiring Process

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The stats above demonstrate that the hiring process isn’t especially short, but younger people in the workforce are looking for efficient, digital communication. They want a streamlined application process that they can begin and work through from the comfort of their home. Increasingly, Gen Z would like that digital process to continue through the entire hiring exercise.

However, this ease of application and hiring doesn’t make these younger job seekers any less selective about the opportunities they pursue nor does it make them lower their employment expectations.

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Employment Expectations

When Gen Z are asked what information sources for jobs they trust most:

Many established employees are prepared to make a change in their career, which will force companies to bring young individuals into the workforce. These GenZ hires will be using a variety of different means to find advantageous employment.

However they find these jobs, they’ll need to make sure that it’s appropriate employment. If they land the right position, the odds say that they’ll still be appropriately employed for their skills level years later.

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Employment Longevity

As the job market changes, young individuals early in their career will be looking for employment appropriate to their educational level and skill profile even if that employment doesn’t necessarily take place at the same company for a long period of time.

These skilled job seekers will be looking for good benefits and pay right away and they’ll continue to migrate from position to position in order to further their careers.

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