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The Great Resignation Proves A Disconnect Over Values

Values in the workplace are more significant than ever. Employees are choosing prospective employers based on far more than salary and available roles. They want to know who this company is, their values, ethics, and how they might provide some security (in a less-than-secure world).

Every prospective employee will have different values, just as you likely have different values than the next person. This is where telling the stories around a company’s ideals becomes invaluable. A brand, reputation, and identity as a company need to be proudly on display for all to see. Will that attract every candidate in the sea? Not likely. But it will help attract the right one. 

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In a recent Beamry survey, 37% of respondents actually think their work-life balance was better during the worst of the pandemic. 

Can you guess why? We can. 

That same survey shows 42% want flexible working opportunities to continue upon returning to the office. If you value the ability to let your employees work from home, you’re going to attract those candidates who, very decidedly, want to continue working from home.

42% want flexible working opportunities to continue upon returning to the office. @RevealGlobal highlights a disconnect over values in the thick of the #GreatResignation in their latest article: Click to Tweet

On the other hand, that means approximately 56% of people are ready to get out of their makeshift home offices and back into a social setting. If you are committed to offering a company culture that treats your employees like family, highlight that. It will attract candidates that know they thrive in that environment. But don’t fake it either. If your company is not particularly close-knit, well, that’s useful too. Many candidates simply want to work on important, cool stuff and have relationships outside of work, and maybe your office can give it to them. When companies lean into what makes them unique, they’re more likely to find that great culture fit everyone is desperately seeking. 

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When a company forgets to promote a clear identity, you will undoubtedly lose out to companies that do. There are plenty of new, fast-growing sectors siphoning off talent right now. They’re offering flex hours, hybrid work, and quality jobs that appeal to many job seekers in this current climate.

When a company forgets to promote a clear identity, they lose out to companies that do. Read more on resolving the disconnect over values from @RevealGlobal here: Click to Tweet
Be clear about who you are as a company, highlight the values you give to an employee, and watch it change how you attract candidates. 

If you’re struggling to grasp this new generation of job seekers, you’re not alone. This is the dawn of a new era, but Reveal Global provides valuable insight crucial to attracting and keeping top talent.

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