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The 5 Pieces of HR Tech You Need To Hire Quality Talent

It seems like every day a new tool or technology emerges, aimed at creating more efficient and effective business processes. Understanding the differences between these technologies and finding the right one for you might seem like a burdensome task, but the benefits of investing in HR tech outweigh any potential barriers you may face. With so many tools available, you’re sure to find one that adheres to your specific needs and supports your team where you need it most.

In this article, we take a look at the 5 pieces of HR tech that you need to invest in if you hope to hire the best talent on the market.
@RevealGlobal breaks down the 5 key pieces of #HRTech you need to attract and #recruit top talent in today’s labor market:@RevealGlobal

1. Cloud-Based HR Tech

Over the last year and a half, many organizations shifted their workplace to a remote format. Today, remote work continues to be a popular trend, with many organizations adopting a fully remote or flexible work policy that includes some level of remote work.

To effectively manage your remote teams, you need to embrace HR tech that gives you access and insight into your operations, no matter where you or your employees are located. The right tools are ones that allow you to manage employee payroll, track time management, and communicate with your teams all in one place.

Consider investing in a platform that enables remote onboarding. Getting your new hires up and running at maximum efficiency quickly is crucial to keeping your productivity high and protecting your bottom line.

What’s more, the tech you invest in needs to have built-in collaboration capabilities, so that your remote teams can work together without missing a beat. Implementing software that is easily accessible for everyone gives your employees control over their daily processes and allows them to manage their time more effectively.

2. Employee Wellness Tech

Employee burnout is something that all organizations need to actively address. As many organizations moved to a remote work format, employees found themselves facing higher levels of burnout and loneliness. With the stress of work, coupled with the continued struggles of the ongoing pandemic, prioritizing mental health is essential.

Employers need to have a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their teams. By offering resources and tools to help maintain a healthy work-life balance, you can work to retain your existing talent while also creating an appealing environment that attracts new talent as well. Some tools and apps you can use to prioritize your employees’ mental health include:

  • Talkspace — an app focused on providing users with access to certified therapists for easy access to counseling
  • Calm — an app that encourages and guides users through meditation to reduce stress and anxieties
  • Lantern — was an app designed to help reduce anxiety and combat depression. While it closed its doors in 2018, its intellectual property lives on through multiple other interesting options here.

Encouraging your employees to take short mental breaks throughout the day can help them to combat burnout and keep their productivity high. Have your team take short 5-10 minute breaks to get some fresh air and get away from the computer!

3. HR Tech for Enhancing the Recruiting Experience

The candidate experience is crucial when it comes to recruiting and winning over the best talent. Complex and impersonal recruitment processes can dissuade job seekers from joining your team, and with how tight the current labor market is, you cannot afford to lose out on candidates due to a poor experience.

Many of the HR tools on the market not only help to facilitate an enjoyable hiring process for candidates but also aim to reduce the likelihood of bias occurring in your recruitment process. Often, unconscious bias can happen within the wording and descriptions you use for jobs.

These biases can discourage candidates from applying to your organization, even if they meet all the necessary qualifications. Recruiting technology helps to identify potential biases in your postings before it becomes an issue, leading to a more diverse talent pool.

Some tools worth checking out include:

  • Honeypot: This platform gives you weekly updates on verified, active talent, saving you time and money when it comes to sourcing candidates.
  • Textio.com: This tool reviews your job posting and description copy to reduce the likelihood of unconscious bias and wording.
  • Recruiter Hunt: Recruiters can use this tool to get access to a large array of recruiting technology, enabling them to source and attract candidates more effectively.

4. Continued Learning Tech

Today’s employees want to work for a company that shows interest in their professional development. If your employees don’t have access to learning and growth opportunities, the chances are they’ll start looking for employment elsewhere. Additionally, professional development is a key factor for job seekers when determining whether to accept a job offer. Without tools and programs in place to encourage growth, you’ll struggle to build out a talent team.

Professional development can offer many benefits for your organization. Not only will it increase your retention rate, but it also helps you to curate a more skilled and versatile workforce. When you invest in continued learning and development tech, you are prioritizing upskilling and reskilling among your teams.

Looking to enhance your #RecruitmentStrategies? @RevealGlobal says the key lies in investing in these 5 pieces of #HRTech:@RevealGlobal
Upskilling is focused on training your employees on new skills or talents, to help with advancement in their career path. Reskilling involves teaching new skills to employees with the intention of them performing a new or different job. These approaches to development can help you to better manage existing skills gaps in your workforce.

5. Data Collection and Analytics

Having access to real-time data is crucial for making quick and informed decisions. Without the ability to track and analyze performance, you’ll struggle with refining the direction and growth of your company. 91% of companies understand that data-driven tools are necessary for advancement, but the sad fact is that only 57% of companies actually utilize these kinds of tools.

With the right HR Data Tech, you can gain insight into the productivity and efficiency of your teams, enabling you to make smarter decisions. This will help you to better track the working habits of your teams, improving your performance assessments. Now is the time to invest in analytics tools — 45% of surveyed respondents agree that as time goes on, the demand for data analytics will rise.

Great Tech is a Fantastic Investment

It’s obvious that organizations want (and need!) technology and tools that support their recruitment goals. As organizations continue to navigate the challenges that come with remote work, finding tools that keep your team engaged and prioritizes their mental wellbeing is essential for continued success. By investing in the right resources, you can build out a team of qualified talent that is prepared for the future.

Reveal Global is focused on helping you recruit and hire the best talent possible. With the support of advanced tools and technologies, you can be sure you’re setting your team and yourself up for success.

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