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REVEALTalent Community: Why it Was Created and How it Benefits You

The REVEALTalent Community is the latest in cutting-edge offerings from the recruitment specialists at REVEAL Global. Designed to help companies connect with top talent easier and faster while supercharging and investing in the careers of upwardly mobile professionals, REVEALTalent Community is breaking down barriers between job seekers and the employers who are ready to hire but simply don’t know where to start.

We’re going to break down HOW REVEALTalent Community can benefit you, whether you’re an organization looking to hire or a jobseeker ready for the next step in your career. 

REVEALTalent and the Jobseeker

Professional development is a buzzword that’s been around for quite some time. Not only do working professionals crave the opportunity to further their skillsets and advance their careers, but employers appreciate the experience that professional development programs offer their employees. 

With REVEALTalent Community,  jobseekers can capitalize on: 

  • Learning opportunities with professionals
  • Reskilling and upskilling in career fields
  • New technologies and trends in job seeking and recruiting 

REVEALTalent like-minded professionals do just that — connect with other working professionals, share experiences and insights, and grow within your career. 

The REVEALTalent Community was created to help candidates take ownership of their careers. With a plethora of resources, coaching opportunities, and community networks available to our community members, REVEALTalent enables you to identify what motivates you, refine the skills you need for success, and capitalize on opportunities to advance your career. 

Our community was created to give a variety of support to the needs of working professionals. Members enjoy having a one-stop destination for career resources and a community of like-minded professionals who will support and encourage you on your professional development journey. 

At REVEALTalent, we take pride in our connections. You can rely on us to become your career advocate, introducing you to connections, companies, and partners that can take your career to the next level.  

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The Overdue Question in Recruiting

REVEALTalent was born when we asked ourselves one overdue question:

Shouldn’t recruiting be focused on the betterment for those seeking new jobs? 

We spend a large chunk of our lives working, so we might as well enjoy it! And despite great strides in the world of recruiting over the last few decades, the candidate experience and jobseeker journey tend to get overlooked. 

Our goal is to make professional development simple. Our non-traditional software is a virtual community center to help develop and engage candidates. Doing this helps reveal hidden talent with our network of qualified professionals provides you with the tools and support to create a better career future. 

Because the REVEALTalent Community is part of the REVEAL Global family, we offer the expertise to aid each client in finding the right career for them. Our focus is on helping candidates refine and take charge of their career search while also helping employers find the perfect match. 

REVEALTalent and the Employer

Grow the Skills and Expertise Your Future Team Needs

We do not pitch to potential employees. 

Rather, we assume a coaching role, helping candidates understand what is most important to them. In today’s hiring space, the war for talent is fierce. And, the reality is that the talent you need will not seek you out. 

In fact, nearly 79% of working professionals are not currently looking for a job and will not see your job posting. Most of the highly qualified talent on the market is currently employed and satisfied with their roles. REVEALTalent helps you to actively pursue and create stronger relationships with these candidates.

Why You Should Join

Proactively And Intentionally Creating Career Opportunities

REVEALTalent offers benefits for both job seekers and employers. It’s a low-pressure, highly effective place to find the connections you need to grow your career AND grow your workforce. 

We have placed more than 1,000 job seekers into their ideal careers. Our network of talent professionals can help you gain access to information and professions geared towards continued professional growth. For employers, the opportunity to access a talent community filled with intentional, professional job seekers is truly an exciting prospect. 

With a commitment to helping job seekers manifest the career of their dreams, we work tirelessly to provide access to support and tools to accomplish career goals. With community conversations and live events, members can create real, lasting connections with other like-minded individuals. 

79% of working professionals are not looking and will not see your job posting. @RevealGlobal will help you reach the audience you are looking for. Click to Tweet

Purpose-Driven Recruitment

Paying It Forward

Joining the REVEALTalent community will help you advance your professional skillset and take ownership of your career.

To learn more about the benefits of joining our community of working professionals, reach out to our team of talented experts. We are standing by ready to help you get started advancing your career

Are you an employer interested in learning more about our talent community? Our unique model is highly effective and focused on keeping costs low for employers while reinvesting into the talent community. 

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