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Halt Construction on Your Talent Pipeline - You’re Building It All Wrong

Recruiters are practically leaping out of their seats to build talent pipelines.

Recruiting Solutions and Their Pros and Cons

The market is buoyant, your team is stretched. These are the pleas that can be heard across the land, as recruiting leaders seek to bring on board new recruiting solutions to bridge the gap. But if resources are to be reallocated among recruiting...

How to Navigate Passive Candidate Challenges

The biggest challenge in the passive recruitment process is probably making sure both our client and the candidate understand each other’s outlook. As a hiring leader, you should understand that passive candidates have a different perspective and...

Purpose Driven Recruiting Challenges the Recruitment Industry’s Shortcomings

by Tony Restell | September 20, 2017

Purpose Driven Recruiting is a term I first heard when chatting to Marc Hutto of Reveal Global. We’d been discussing how the recruitment industry is perceived, the key differentiator of earning candidate trust...

Rethink Your Passive Sourcing Techniques


There’s no question about it. The future success of today’s companies hinges upon recruiting solutions that attract top talent with specialized skills.

Top 4 Strategies to Offset the Challenges of Relocating Candidates

In today’s labor market, fluidity and mobility are still at pre-recession rates.  A recent New York Times article concluded that several

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“A great hire will take your business to the next level…Reveal provides the ladder.”

Marc Hutto, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer


The True Cost Of A Bad Hire – It’s More Than You Think – Forbes

Sep 28, 2016 – Well-known recruiter Jörgen Sundberg puts the cost of onboarding an employee at $240,000.
And, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee’s first-year earnings. For a small company, a five-figure investment in the wrong person is a threat to the business.

The true cost of a bad apple

While the financial impact is quantifiable, chief financial officers actually rank a bad hire’s morale and productivity impacts ahead of monetary losses.

Why? A bad apple spoils the bunch, so to speak. Disengagement is contagious, which may be why employers can’t seem to defeat it.

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