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Recruiting Technology We Used To Make 67 Hires In A 3-Month Window

As far as recruiting technology goes, let’s face it…the rate at which new platforms, tools, and apps are entering into the marketplace every month is overwhelming – to say the least. Fortunately for our clients, we at Reveal spend a considerable amount of time researching, reviewing, sitting for demos, and determining which technologies can help us to help our clients better than we have in the past. 

As recruitment consultants, we analyze the vast recruiting technologies in the marketplace by where they fit in the recruitment process – whether it be for top talent identification, general sourcing, candidate development, or onboarding. This allows us to compare the technology to what we may already have, as well as to better identify what gaps in that segment it will be helping us fill. Lastly, this allows us to set up benchmark analysis especially if the recruiting technology in question has a free trial period that we can directly compare to current methods. 


As a 20-year corporate Talent Acquisition leader, I understand that recruiting leaders like yourself become aware of new recruiting technology in the following ways, generally: 

  1. Conferences or webinars 
  2. Through a trusted colleague  
  3. Paid advertising 
  4. You go looking for it yourself to solve a specific need you are currently experiencing 


There are also expert recruitment consultants who spend even more time evaluating, indexing, and publishing their findings FOR YOU.  One of my most favorite and reliable sources is Recruiter Hunt which was built and is tirelessly maintained by a brilliant friend of mine, Carmen Hudson.   Recruiting firms

In speaking to Carmen just recently, she estimates that there are at least 20 new tools that she and her team identifies EACH WEEK – that’s over a THOUSAND each year!  

Instead of listing off various tools in our tech stack for each stage of the recruiting process, we believe you can gain more value by seeing for yourselves how we’ve helped our clients solve real business problems that you may be facing through the following use-case. 

A company of 300 people won a large, new account that required them to hire another 70 top talent resources in just a 3-month period.  The roles were professional, individual contributors and the leaders of these new teams – all in the advertising and media vertical.   


Recruiting FirmsWe pride ourselves as top talent acquisition advisors or recruitment consultants to our clients, so naturally, we held a meeting with the clients C-suite to strategically plan the process and technology required to meet their goals. Using our proprietary Predictive Hiring Analytics tool, their leadership team quickly came to the shocking realization that in order for us to be successful, we needed to identify about 6,000 professionals, and phone screen about 1,500 to find the right hires who would provide the positive contributions to the business they desired and who would remain engaged and show high tenure. 

As a consultative recruiting firm, we also were able help this client company handle 350-ish interviews through team training with other people in the company as interviewers (who don’t normally get involved with interviews) because the number of hiring managers wouldn’t allow for all interviews to be conducted in the time constraints we were facing. 

Remember how I said that we analyze recruiting technologies per segment of the recruiting process? Let’s start with the sourcing of these 6,000 candidates. 


We leveraged geofencing through iHeart Media. Geofencing is a service for targeted display advertising onto devices such as laptops or cell phones based on a specific geographic location. When the prospect enters into that specific location, an office building for example, the service drops a pixel on their mobile device which then pushes ads to them when they’re browsing the web or using apps for 30 days. Recruiting firms

We worked with iHeart media to target hundreds of companies across the U.S. As media planners, media buyers, and their managers saw the ad, the call-to-action (CTA) was for them to view a video job description produced by our partners at Digi-me.com and to also let us know how they prefer to communicate moving forward whether it be a text, email, call, and so on.   

Digi-Me does a great job of producing one-minute videos using B-roll footage that reflects the working environment of the role whether it be offices, construction, broadcasting, travel industry, etc. They also have a number of voice talent individuals who do a great job in explaining the opportunity.  

Another strategy using video that will help you when you have the challenge of hundreds of phone screens in a compressed window of time is called autonomous video interviews. Here’s how it works: 


You supply a link and invitation for the candidate to participate in a 15-minute interview at a time that is confidential and convenient for them. When they open the link, they see a video of one of us thanking them for participating in this new method for presenting their qualifications and experience. We then explain that there will be 5 questions, for instance, and they can consider their responses and then record their answer when ready. 

Recruiting firmsThis is an example that can be modified in a few different ways. For example, you can allow them to record their response as many times as they’d like or only once, you can set a time limit for their response, and even have them answer the question immediately instead of giving them time to contemplate a response. It’s up to you and should be adjusted for the type of role they are pursuing.  

From there, our Purpose-Driven Recruitment Consultants (recruiters) are watching the videos sequentially instead of scheduling, rescheduling, and holding phone screens. And, we can share the video with the hiring manager if that were needed. This tool saved countless hours in moving candidates to the more time-consuming stages of the hiring process. The technology we have used many times in the past is SparkHire. It’s good and very inexpensive as compared to tools like HireVue. That said, we are now building our own video interviewing and autonomous video interviewing platform in partnership with a company called Hinterview. 

The utilization of these tools led to us sourcing over 1,000 media buyers and planners, managing over 200 candidates, and ultimately, leading to 67 hires in just a 3-month window! 


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