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REVEALTalent’s CareerPROgressions Podcast Lands a Spot on Mac’s List 2022 Top Career Podcasts Guide

REVEALTalent Community’s Mark Allred receives an honorable mention in Mac’s List 2022 Top Career Podcasts guide for his CareerPROGressions podcast.

Charlotte, NC, April 2022

Mac’s List released its annual Top Career Podcasts 2022 guide that surveyed the best shows for helping listeners take charge of their careers and grow as individuals. We are pleased to share that for the very first time, Reveal Global’s Intelligence’s and REVEALTalent Community’s podcast, CareerPROgressions has made the list!

This comprehensive list looks at how people build skills, find jobs, and grow sustainable careers.  For busy professionals, career podcasts can offer an excellent solution. Host, Mark Allred has been working hard behind the scenes to find industry experts that share his passion for career development. The recognition from Mac’s List serves as a reminder that his contributions and efforts don’t go unnoticed within the Talent Acquisition industry. Allred is grateful to receive this honor and hopes his audience continues to tune in week after week for more life and career advice that will be sure to inspire any listener. 

“I could not have imagined we’d attract such great guests so early on! I’m inspired by the passion they’ve shown to pay their success and wisdom forward to an audience that’s hungry to find meaning in their careers. It’s been a great year, but we’re only just beginning! We’ve got so much to come to help career-minded professionals take the mystery out of their careers and keep moving forward,” said Mark Allred, Director of Talent Development and Growth at Reveal Global.

The findings of this release disclose that 53% of this year's featured podcast hosts are women, and 41% are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or people of color). 47% of this year’s shows are being featured for the first time. Reveal Global and REVEALTalent are honored to be featured in this guide. 

Since the launch of the CareerPROgressions podcast in May 2021, host Mark Allred has gone above and beyond to craft the perfect show for career-minded individuals and those looking to get on the right track. That’s only one facet of Allred’s journey into the Talent Development world. 

Allred has taken over the Talent Development industry with professional coaching services offered through the REVEALTalent Community. The Community was founded on the mission of helping you own your career by giving you the resources, coaching, and community network you need to be proactive and intentional about creating a career.  

In addition, Allred hosts a biweekly virtual Executive Advocates Huddle. These huddles provide senior leaders who are looking to make a change in their careers the opportunity to network and seek available opportunities,  which is always free for REVEALTalent Community members.

This comprehensive list displays an array of talented individuals that are using their platform to share their expertise with the world of work and their passion for helping others get hired and build the career they want. In the vast universe of the podcast world, it takes time to find career-focused content when there are so many options out there and it is difficult to sift through content that isn’t up to speed. 

The Career PROgressions Podcast is hosted by an experienced leader, sales driver, and Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Mark Allred. He’s trained to help individuals evolve professionally, navigate transitions, and consistently achieve higher levels of success. Allred paints the picture and gives real-time advice amongst industry experts to help you achieve your next professional goal and succeed in your career. As always, Mark and his guests provide the best advice to help individuals be proactive, be intentional, and keep moving forward.

Your career path shouldn’t be a mystery. For over 20 years, Reveal Global intelligence has been the leader in talent sourcing, research, and acquisition. What separates us from other firms? Our quality, experience, and results. 

“For decades, I’ve been providing pro bono career coaching because I’m passionate about helping people in their careers.  Meeting Mark Allred, someone equally passionate about providing career guidance, and then seeing him grow this service offering and assemble some of the greatest minds and perspectives on this topic in the Career PROgressions podcast has been quite inspiring.  Now, Reveal Global can assist our clients and candidates at any point in their careers,” said Marc Hutto, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Reveal Global.

About REVEALTalent Community: 

Building the career you want is no longer about climbing the ladder of success. Technology and the speed of information have made it more like climbing a rock wall! Our podcast focuses on the stories of career pros and experts who have climbed before you. Their advice will help you be proactive, intentional, and keep moving forward. Listen to The Career PROgressions Podcast now, featuring our host and Director of Talent Development and Growth, Mark Allred. You can find The Career PROgressions podcast on all major podcast platforms. Listen here

To learn more about REVEALTalent Community, please visit: https://www.revealtalent.com/.

About Reveal Global Intelligence: 

Finding the right talent and sales leads to grow your business in today's dynamic global marketplace is a full-time job. At Reveal Global, we've been doing it for decades. The leader in talent sourcing, research, and acquisition, Reveal matches the right candidates with the best employers with greater efficiency, transparency, and integrity than anyone else.

With offices on two continents, experience in 43 countries (so far…), and a "pay it forward"​ approach with our clients, Reveal boosts clients that range from Fortune 1000 companies to small entrepreneurial firms throughout North and South America and EMEA. Reveal Global has in-depth institutional knowledge and multilingual capabilities, allowing the team to adapt to virtually any country or industry, from finance to pharmaceuticals, entertainment to aerospace.

To learn more about Reveal Global, please visit: https://www.revealglobal.com/.

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