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How a Talent Community Launches Your Job Search Post-Great Resignation

The constantly shifting pandemic news is causing a lot of anxiety and trepidation for everyone. From Delta variants to mask mandates, it’s hard to figure out where things are going. One thing is for certain: the job market will never be the same. Even the most seasoned of us could not have predicted the massive fallout, shifting trends, and total chaos that would impact how we work today and in the future.

The Great Resignation

We’ve already seen employees leaving their current jobs in droves. Four million employees left their jobs in April alone and a shocking 675,000 of those resignations were in the retail industry. This mass exodus has been designated “The Great Resignation”.

“The Great Resignation” is being caused by many factors but the biggest one is simple: people are reconsidering their reasons for working.

Salaries that were significant before suddenly feel hollow. Bosses who were easy to put up with from Monday to Friday have become an always-on Zoom presence. A town chosen for the excellent commute seems a little boring now that we’re all working from home.

The fact is individuals leave jobs for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s because of their boss, and sometimes it’s because of external and unforeseen circumstances (like a pandemic.)

The WHY Has Become Increasingly Important

In any case, the only way to know when to leave and where to go next is to know why you’re working in the first place.
What is your WHY for working? In many cases, we’ve all been working for so long in the same job or field, it’s hard to really know.

Additionally, your why may have shifted over time. The sheer gravitational pull of all the changes we’ve seen since the pandemic hit (and the confusing and chaotic aftershocks that seem never-ending) has made many take stock in their careers and lives.

At Reveal Global and Reveal Talent, we believe lives and careers are inextricably linked. Finding purpose and the why of work is incredibly important. And it’s never been more important than right now. A talent community is a perfect place to find the answers to those questions and appropriately navigate The Great Resignation.

The Great Resignation is shaking up the job market. REVEALTalent says a talent community can provide the guidance and support you need to ace your next career move. Here’s how:@RevealGlobal

Discover Your Career Drivers

As we’ve discussed, the Great Resignation isn’t a question of when or how. It’s a question of why. As in:

Why am I working?
Why do I need to go further if I am happy where I am?
Why am I commuting back and forth every day?
Why do I keep getting passed over in my role?
Why am I not in the field that I received a degree in?

Perhaps this is the first time you’re asking yourself these questions. With a talent community, you’d be pushed to consider these questions first and foremost. More importantly, you would be asking them consistently and working through the answers with a group of your peers and coaches. Isolating your why is the first step toward creating a path to solve it.

It’s hard to develop any sense of direction without an understanding of your why. If you’re at either the beginning of your career or entering a transition period, you may be tempted to just make decisions with dollar signs in your eyes. But, don’t let money cloud your vision.

Even after all of these resignations, a Korn Ferry survey has found that 94% of companies are having trouble filling their open positions. What does that tell you? It should tell you that these resignations are about more than money. These former employees are not just taking the first new position they find. They’re really considering what’s out there and how it aligns with what they want.

You should be doing the same. Don’t just dive into an opportunity. Make sure it aligns with the overall plan and future you have for your career.

REVEALTalent says The Great Resignation is being caused by employees reconsidering their reasons for working. A great talent community teaches people to make career decisions based on the big picture:@RevealGlobal

Lean on Your Peers

Did you know that employee referrals are 4x more likely to be hired? That means your network is key to advancing your career. A talent community is an easy way to establish a like-minded network of peers that can serve as a base in your job search. But it’s more than that.

There’s something to be said for a place where your peers can speak frankly about their career experiences. Again, The Great Resignation is about employees discovering what they want. As these employees move on from companies, they’ll of course have something to say. You should be listening.

At the moment, many of these resignations are referendums on the companies in question. You should be listening to your peers when they discuss why they’re moving on. It’ll help you make clear decisions about your future.

Move Forward With Confidence

After you’ve considered your career drivers and established your network, a talent community will continue to support you as you look toward the next step of your career. With the right backing, you can be confident that you’re making the right decision for yourself.

Some services that talent communities offer to support you in the advancement of your career:


REVEALTalent Community offers all of these services and more to its members. Taking advantage of these resources allows talent community members to be sure they have considered all aspects of the journey in front of them.

Remember, It’s About What You Want

The Great Resignation is clarifying things for both employees and employers, but at the end of the day, your future is in your hands. All of the open positions mean there are a lot of opportunities out there for you to consider. Take your time and decide based on the vision you have for your future.

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