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The Future of Work: Fight the Disconnect

"The mindset around work is shifting."
"The Great Resignation proves a disconnect over values."

It’s all anyone can talk about right now. What does the future of work look like, given the rapidly shifting landscape?

We recently noticed a struggle to match skill sets and experience between employers and potential clients. Many of the roles and functions that need to be filled are in new sectors or uncharted territory where it's difficult to find people boasting any experience. That may stop them from even applying before you have the chance to decide whether or not they can grow into the role. How can you fight it? 

A great place to start is to review job postings and descriptions. 

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Take a look at your current postings and ask yourself:

Is there anything that could automatically exclude someone who can learn this role but likely doesn’t have much experience in it? 

Have you aligned the benefits of the role with the type of person or phase of life it tends to attract?

Am I using language that's inclusive to anyone viewing the post?

Is there an internal person who could be up-skilled for the role and allow you to pull in a more junior position, thus fulfilling the need for career growth and cool projects? 

This practice isn’t about settling for underqualified candidates; it’s about taking a deeper look at what makes a person qualified. Furthermore, reviewing this process can prevent you from eliminating quality candidates through unconscious bias before they even apply.

If you're looking for more ways to kickstart your hiring during the Great Resignation, Reveal Global has the insight you need to attract and retain top talent.

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